Drilling Systems

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Glassline manufactures only fully-automatic drilling machines with upper and lower spindles. The drilling machine / heads can be sold as stand-alone units, or integrated into drilling systems for the purpose of drilling multiple holes or automatic positioning. These systems have been sold worldwide to all of the different glass markets. We have a multitude of previously designed systems that include for example: automatic glass positioning and transport shuttles, automatic glass adjustment in X-Y via part recipe, automatic glass rotational axis and drill linear axis to position each hole location automatically via part recipe, automatic glass position adjustment in Y axis and drill adjustment in X axis, etc. We also have special combination machines which can edge grind shapes and drill on the same machine without additional setups (Combo Grinder / Drill), and also a WaterJet / Drill Combination machine. In order to provide a quotation for a drilling system, it is necessary to know as much about your requirements as possible. It is very helpful to receive your representative part drawings. It is also helpful to receive the following specification form which you can print, fill out and send back to us at your convenience: 大富翁水果机Specification Drilling machine.

The drill machine / head utilize high quality components for precision and long life. One of the best features of the machine includes the mounting of the upper and lower drill arms onto the same linear rails. This ensures that the drilling movements of the upper and lower spindles stay concentric throughout the stroke. This provides for a better quality hole, especially on larger holes, than drilling machines which operate in a clamshell manner. The linear rails, as well as most of the other critical drill components are mounted on the back of the drill frame, thereby protecting them from contamination. The drill spindles are made with precision heavy-duty bearings, but can be easily maintained by the factory itself, saving costs. The drill spindles are also oil mist lubricated, providing for long life of the bearings. For a list of all of the drill head features and benefits, please see below.

Drill Head Features and Benefits

Spindles include water feed through shafts Improves wear of spindle seals and quality of holes
Spindles are oil mist lubricated Improves spindle life
Spindles are easily aligned for concentricity Improved hole quality
Spindles are easily removable Ease of repair and replacement
Quick Change Drill Collets Ease of tool change
Drill spindles concentrically driven along the same linear rails Higher quality holes; Larger hole capability
Precision machined frame and arms Higher quality holes
Upper clamp mechanism driven via linear rail Minimizes breakage and improves hole quality
Clamp Rings with multi-directional freedom of movement Minimizes breakage and improves hole quality
Pneumatic counter balance Reduces load and wear
Auto-lube of linear bearings Reduces maintenance and improves bearing life
Auto water shutoff Reduces operation cost

Drill Head Selection Pneumatic or Servo Feed

Glassline can provide pneumatic drill feed or servo drill feed heads. The heads are built identically with the exception of the feeding mechanism. Pneumatic drill heads are powered by air cylinders. The top drill arm uses a multi-stage cylinder to provide a short stroke for drilling, and a long stroke for tool changes. Each arm includes hydraulic feed checks to control the drilling feed rate, as well as adjustable stops.

大富翁水果机The servo feed models arms are powered by servo motors and ball screws with zero backlash nut assemblies. The servos and their associated controls allow programmability and precise motion control in approach speed, feed rate, and depth. This provides for easier setup and improved cycle times. The servo unit also provides the ability to chamfer the top and bottom edges of the holes, which may provide higher furnace yields.


Drill Head Standard Specifications
Glass Thickness Range 3 - 12mm (other thicknesses optional)
Minmuim Hole Diameter 4mm (small sizes optional)
Maximum Hole Diameter 45mm (larger sizes optional)
Throat Depth 508mm (20 inches) (others optional)
Misalignment tolerance Maximum 0.05mm (distance between top and bottom of drill centers)
Spindle Run Out within 0.0125mm
Drill Shank Run Out Within 0.038mm (25.4mm from spindle nose)
Finished Part Hole Concentricity Within 0.0762mm eccentricity, top and bottom approach
Tool Type 9.5mm diameter Straight Shank (ADA style optional)

Available Drilling Systems


  • Manual or Auto-adjust squaring fence
  • Servo Feed
  • Larger Hole Capability
  • Auto Stoning
  • Auto Drill Bit Measurement (servo system only)
  • Slug Ejector
  • Auto Part Squaring
  • Auto Load / Unload
  • Various Auto-positioning options.
  • Granite Base Positioning Systems

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